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Mandy mesta

Mandy Mesta


Hello, my name is Mandy Mesta. I am very excited to be opening Tiny Toes Daycare.

I grew up in Southern Oregon, but Salem has been my home for the past five years. I have an Associates Degree from Rogue Community College, where I took several courses in Early Childhood Education, Psychology and Health. I worked in a childcare and preschool center for three and a half years before getting married and starting my own family. I have a genuine love for children and I am eager to help them learn and grow while providing the encouragement and emotional support that is vital to young hearts and minds.

I have now been married for over ten years and have been a stay at home mom to my two children, a six-year-old girl, and a three-year-old boy. I truly believe that kids can help us keep our youthful spirit. I enjoy arts and crafts, music, nature and activities that are energetic and playful.

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The Mesta Family

When my husband Raf and I met he was finishing his service in the United States Marine Corps. He then worked for the Department of Human Services for nearly 10 years. He is currently pursuing other business opportunities and finding his creative passion through woodworking.

My elementary aged daughter is caring and enthusiastic in everything that she does. Her quick smile and happy spirit are contagious. She is my social butterfly. She loves animals and imaginative play.

My preschool aged son is energetic and adventurous. He often starts out a little reserved, but only until he warms up and then this funny kid shines with excitement and laughter.

He loves sea animals, sports, and gross motor play.

We have a golden retriever, Rocky. He is two and a half years old and his gentle temperament balances perfectly with his eagerness to play. Our cat, Cupcake is a bit more temperamental. She loves soft pets but is quick to want her solitude again. We also have five tropical freshwater fish that we enjoy watching interact as they swim around the aquarium.

We love to spend time together and with our extended family and friends. We love the outdoors, hiking, boating, and camping are our choice activities in the summertime. In the winter months, we love playing in the snow. We also love cozy movie nights with popcorn and a warm cup of cocoa.

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